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Beeco Storage Systems takes pride in being one of the leading Plastic Crates Manufacturers & Suppliers All over India, including Noida Delhi Gurgaon. With a strong focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of plastic crates that meet the needs of different industries and storage Whether you need a storage solution for Vegetables, Milk, Fruits, and Industrial Use. Request Your Best Price Quote Today! Wide Range of Sizes Available. Exceptional Durability. Impeccable Design and Uncompromising Quality Assurance.

MODEL | B 2307
O.D: 400 (L) X 300 (W) X 90(H)
ID: 360 (L) x 260(W) x 85(H)
Capacity: 7 Liters

MODEL | B 2313
O.D: 400(L) X 30(W) X 150 (H)
ID: 360(L) x 260(W) x 145(H)
Capacity: 13 Liters

MODEL | B 2320
O.D: 400(L) X 300 (W) X 220 (H)
ID: 360(L) x 260(W) x 215(H)
Capacity: 20 Liters

MODEL | B 2319
O.D: 500(L) X 325(W) X 150(H)
ID: 468(L) x 292(W) x 140(H)
Capacity: 19 Liters

MODEL | B 2333
O.D: 500(L) X 325(W) X 250(H)
ID: 468(L) x 292(W) x 242(H)
Capacity: 33 Liters

MODEL | B 2348
: 540(L) X 360(W) X 300(H)
ID: 505(L) x 325(W) x 290(H)
Capacity: 48 Liters

MODEL | B 2322
O.D: 600(L) X 400 (W) X 120 (H)
ID: 565(L) x 365(W) x 113(H)
Capacity: 22 Liters

MODEL | B 2345
O.D: 600(L) X 400(W) X 220(H)
ID: 565(L) x 365(W) x 210(H)
Capacity: 45 Liters

MODEL | B 2365
O.D: 600(L) X 400(W) X 320(H)
ID: 565(L) x 365(W) x 310(H)
Capacity: 65 Liters

MODEL | B 2352
O.D: 540(L) X 395(W) X 345(H)
ID: 510(L) x 363(W) x 328(H)
Capacity: 52 Liters

MODEL | B 2376
O.D: 650(L) X 450(W) X 315(H)
ID: 610(L) x 410(W) x 305(H)
Capacity: 76 Liters

MODEL | B 23183
O.D: 810(L) X 570(W) X 425(H)
ID: 760(L) x 538(W) x 405(H)
Capacity: 183Liters

  • High-quality plastic boxes:
    At Beeco Storage Systems, we understand the importance of reliable and robust storage solutions. Our plastic boxes are manufactured using high-quality materials and innovative technologies to ensure superior strength, durability, and resistance to damage Because of our load-carrying capacity and cumulative forces, our plastic boxes are designed to maximize the efficient use of space while ensuring safe material handling and storage


  • Different types of applications:
    We offer a variety of plastic boxes to meet the unique needs of different businesses. Our product range includes Vegetables, Milk, Fruits, and Industrial Use and more. These boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to choose just the right one for your specific storage needs. Whether you need to transport fresh produce, store industrial equipment, or organize groceries, our plastic boxes offer unmatched versatility and convenience.


  • Options available:
    At Beeco Storage Systems, we believe in providing tailored solutions tailored to your specific needs. We offer customization options for our plastic crates, including branding, labeling, and unique design changes.


  • Stringent Quality Assurance:
    We are devoted to handing over merchandise of the best fine to our customers. Each plastic crate undergoes rigorous exceptional assessments at every stage of production manner. From fabric choice to final packaging, we adhere to stringent first-class manipulation measures to ensure that our products meet industry requirements and exceed consumer expectations.


  • Commitment to Sustainability:
    As a responsible manufacturer, Beeco Storage Systems is dedicated to selling sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Our plastic crates are made from recyclable materials, lowering environmental impact and contributing to a round financial system. By selecting our plastic crates, you now not most effective benefit from their durability and functionality but additionally contribute to a greener destiny.


  • Efficient Delivery and Customer Support:
    We understand the significance of well-timed delivery and responsive customer support. With a robust logistics community and efficient delivery chain management, we ensure activate and hassle-loose transport of our plastic crates to customers in Noida and surrounding regions. Our committed customer service team is always geared up to help you with any queries or worries, offering an unbroken enjoyment from inquiry to submit-sales help.


  • Conclusion:
    When it comes to premium plastic crates in Noida, Beeco Storage Systems is the trusted call you may depend on. Our dedication to quality, customization, sustainability, and patron delight units us aside from the opposition. Experience the benefits of our extraordinary plastic crates and optimize your storage and logistics operations with Beeco Storage Systems. Contact us these days to discover our product range and locate the right solution for your business.
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